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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

NZRFU are a bunch of nobs 

Chris Rattue says it all.

and so does Justin Marshall.

Bored punters and bored players. The worst part is the bored players who in turn become unmotivated players playing in near meaningless test matches.

Fuck it, why don't they just play S Africa and Aussie 20 times a season, That would be fanfuckingawfultastic!

As eddie Jones says, Aussie has won one game in S Africa in 9 years and now we get to see them go there and lose two games a year for the next nine years. Yahooooooo! I just can't wait!!!!

SA 1/9 in Australia
SA 1/9 in NZ
combined away record of 2 wins, 1 draw 15 losses (wow, that's fantastic TV!!!)

NZ 4/9 in Australia
NZ 6/9 in SA
combined away record of 10 wins, 8 losses
yep, we've rocked in the past

Australia 3/9 in NZ
Australia 1/9 in SA
ooohhh wow! 4 wins, 14 losses

This really is an exhilerating and unpredictable competition!!!!

Perhaps I'll take a look at the Super 12 where we can see the same type of home team dominance. WAKE UP!!!! It really is exciting stuff. The rugby powers told me!!!!!


I really don't know why they couldn't have included the Pacific Islands team in the tri-nations and made it three games with just the one game against each team.

If England and France can put up with hammering Italy, Scotland and Wales every year then why can't we do the same to the likes of the PI team and possibly Argentina? You can gaurantee as well that it wouldn't be long before they took the scalps of NZ, Oz and SA on their home soil before long. Hell Argentina actually beat Aussie last time the teams met in Argentina from memory. But apparently that's not good anough for the wankers running the game into zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz land.


The NRL playoff system is being criticised for providing to many mismatches with the Coyboys v Roosters and Raiders v Bulldogs being written of already. As is the Storm v Broncos with the Storm being picked to not give a stuff in the belief that they won't have to win to stay alive.

I wouldn't be surprised if there is an upset though or at least a bloody tight game against all predictions. Hope so anyway.


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