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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

NRL Playoff System 

There's been a lot of talk about the flaws of the current playoff system but the only alternative mentioned is the AFL system with 1 v 4, 2 v 3, 5 v 8 and 6 v 7.

But it's basically flawed in ways as well so I reckon they should just go to an old fashioned system...


with the losers knocked out, see ya later.

That would have seen clashes this weekend of...
Roosters v Cowboys
Panthers v Storm

and most likely a Panthers v Roosters rematch from last year.

As it is we have the Cowboys v the Broncos at Townsville (after everybody agreed to a move there) and the Storm v Bulldogs in Sydney.

Both games should be crackers. The Broncos have never lost in Townsville but if the Cowboys repeat their effort v the Bulldogs I'd rate them a very good chance. While the Storm could quite easily take care of the Bulldogs, but like last year when the Bulldogs were hamemred in week one by the Warriors I would expect them to bounce back and maybe scrape home. Actually last year they beat the Storm 30-0 in week 2 when the Storm had been going really well in the weeks prior to the clash so look out the wounded dogs again.

I think I'll have to pick the Dogs to choke once again, too much flash stuff in their team and not enough smarts when the pressures on.

So I'll go
Cowboys by 8
Storm by 8

Roosters for the title beating the Panthers by 10 in the GF.

I had a damn fine weekend in terms of teams I support winning: Taranaki downs Canterbury for the first time in 26 years (competitively); Liverpool finally brushes aside a team it should brush aside; and the Panthers manage to score enough points in the first 17 minutes meaning they could take the rest of the game off.

Unfortunately I think you're both right to pick the Cowboys over the Broncos. Brisbane couldn't win $2 in an Instant Kiwi at the moment. I guess while there's Gordo there's still hope, but the smart money would be on the Cowboys.
Which means the Roosters, who I hate with a passion, will get an easy semi-final, whereas the pure-as-the-driven-snow Panthers get a much tougher assignment.

Bet you Ricky Stuart will still be able to find some hidden conspiracies in all of that, though.
And so I wake (eventually) after getting hitched to find three things.

1) that La Gyeong didn't leave me over night following the marriage
2) that I'm damn hungry
and 3) that we were pretty spot on with our pick with the Cowboy.

right, Paris, here we come!

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