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Thursday, September 30, 2004

NRL Grand Final Predictions 

Anybody got any theories?

Price looks like he might be out but the Bulldogs defied my theory and actually did alright with even less intelligence on the park than they normally have.

Ricketson out for the Roosters.

Man it sucks having the two teams you dislike the most contesting the final.

As I hate the Roosters more I'll have to go with the Bulldogs. Also they have more kiwis playing for them.

I reckon the Roosters are the slightly cooler under pressure, title type winning team but as we have seen over the years, the fired up, emotional teams often win these games (not surprising really!) so maybe the Bulldogs will come up with the goods to send off Price and give their long suffering and nasty bastard fans something to celebrate.

I'll go Bulldogs by 8 so long as the Lebanese bandit Al Masri knocks all his kicks over.


PS bluebeardnz I need your writing hand to fill out a form saying what a fantastic teacher I am along with the joker next door to you for my training college application. How does friday night sound (BEFORE we start drinking)? Or do you have a queue of females lined up then?

PPS tell sweatepz to bloody well blog! I've had dc_red pleading since he's hopscotching off to Canada again.

PPPS How many bloody air miles does this blog site run up in a year?!

PPPPS How long should I let the archives list on the right run until I make it a two or three monthly thing?

PPPPPS Did I really attempt to sit on the piano stool as my bride started to walk up the isle?! Christ I could have sworn that's what the minister motioned for me to do. I'll just flick over to the replay on cable tv to check.

PPPPPPS Can I ever get the ruddy pictures of Jeon Ji-hyun and Lee Hyo-ri to appear in the left bar? They work in the preview but not after I publish. Also they aren't that sexy so if you have any pics you like of them bluebeardnz then pass them on.

I decided to google this Jeon Ji Hyun character, and it turns out she's a she. But honestly, is it really necessary for us to know her birthday, but also her height, weight, dimensions, and blood type? See:

As Homer S. once said "too much information." See:
I would settle for a phone number and/or where she lives.

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