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Saturday, August 07, 2004


ABs by 10 in tonights test


The Aussies are cheating with lineout codes now. For the best write up on it check out Paul Waite here. Anybody who uses the word "fuck" uncensored when writing about sport is writing correctly.


I bought the book Troy in Korean comic book form. This means that if I don't understand a word I can just rent it on video, but if I do understand any of it then I'll have still wasted money as it was 9,500 won whereas the video is 1,000 overnight.


Latest rumours regarding the NRL are that a Victorian AFL (Aussie Rules) team has approached the Gold Coast about relocating there and helping upgrade the ground. This of course means that an NRL team being plonked there would be dealt a severe if not fatal blow as the team doesn't have the population or history to support both codes.

So unsurprisingly the backers of the Gold Coast NRL venture are using this development to their advantage by pressuring NRL HQ.

You can read the latest about all of it here (you may need to register to read it but it's free and probably the best source of decent online NRL stories and news). It's getting quite interesting. A right wee soap opera. Even though Gallop keeps coming out and saying don't be surprised if there are no moves to expand the comp I wouldn't be surprised if they do let one team in and make veiled promises to the others in order to encourage them to keep working away.

Also Rabbitohs, and Australian rugby league legend John Sattler has come out and said that the Rabbitohs need to relocate to the Central Coast in order to survive as they have no real home ground and their old ground at Redfern is a rather unfriendly place both inside and out. The club chariman has said something along the lines that "while we respect his opinion, shut up we aren't moving".

And the Tigers are going to have FOUR home grounds next season!

News of a possible move emerged two weeks ago. It is understood that next year, the contract will probably mean four home games at Telstra Stadium, one at Christchurch's Jade Stadium and the rest split between Leichhardt Oval and Campbelltown Stadium.

Apparently Boxing promoter Don King is an Eels fan.

Controversial boxing promoter Don King has announced that he is a Parramatta fan.

"Eels, that's my team," King said at a press conference in Las Vegas yesterday promoting this weekend's World Boxing Organisation heavyweight title fight between Australian Kali Meehan and champion Lamon Brewster.

Meehan has been training with Parramatta in the lead-up to the bout and it's obviously rubbed off on King, who has been sent an Eels jersey. "They're the top in rugby . . . they're the top in whatever they do," King said.
Um yeah Don, right.


And to the moralising twat below who is probably a mate taking the piss (muhahaha)...

Check out Lee Hyo-ri.

It's a song about just wanting ten minutes for a quick shag.

If I believed in god I might be worried about threats of hell. But as I don't it's kind of like me telling you a plague of locusts are about to sweep through your house and eat your bibles. Not really woried are you?


And to close things off. I asked my fiance how many people her father is inviting to our wedding.

The answer...

One thousand. We are currently cutting one thousand address labels out to put on the invitiations. Any bigger and we will have to invite the paparazzi.

Australia by 12 or less in tonight's game.


1000 people at your wedding? Holy shit. Shame I can't be one of them (though I guess I'd be lost in the crowd), but the cost of a return flight from Dunedin to Seoul is prohibitive.


I'm off for some research on our "cost of living" segment. A 20-inch flatscreen TV cost me $192 in Canada ($223 in NZ dollars based on today's exchange rate), so I'm going to go and see how much they're flogging them for here. I may buy an Instant Kiwi in my travels, and if I win big time, I'll buy both a TV and a return ticket to Seoul.

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