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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Sport down under. 

This will have to be quick cos I ain't got much time and maybe I'll tidy it up later.

Pat Lam was a surprising choice to me and most others as Auckland's NPC coach this season and it's alright though because he won't last much longer.

The Tri-Series is going to be expanded in 2007 so that each team plays an extra two matches. That sucks. It's already crap.

The Central Coast bid that failed to make the NRL for 2006 is now planning a bid to become one of the two new teams to join the Super 12 in 2006 instead. Since subscription is required here's the gist...
Central Coast Stadium chairman and syndicate spokesman Russell Tate said yesterday that if a proposal was made to enter the prestigious provincial competition it would not be a knee-jerk reaction to the NRL's decision against admitting a Central Coast side in 2006.

"That [Super 14 bid] probably would have been the case regardless of the NRL decision," Tate said. "But it has been brought into sharp focus when it became clear the Bears weren't going to happen in the foreseeable future.

"Bears, or no Bears, we're still hopeful of having half a dozen NRL games on the Coast and there are some fundamental reasons why an NRL team would be a success and why a Super 14 team would be a success on the Central Coast.

Club rugby in Sydney must be stuffed as Penrith played Randwick in the weekend and these are the scores in the top 4 grades.

1st Grade
Penrith 0 Randwick 100
2nd Grade
Penrith 0 Randwick 127
3rd Grade
Penrith 0 Randwick 157
4th Grade
Penrith 0 Randwick 90

The Blue Bulls coach in the Super 12 is saying that they will be at a "disadvantage" in teh Super 12 next year as they have an end of year tour to Europe which won't give the players enough time to rest before the Super 12.

As if they aren't stuffed before it even starts with all their travel. However look out NZ teams because when Aussie and South Africa get teams in then it will mean more travelling for them but a lot more for us. So our days of domination may well rest strictly on the talent in those countries being spread out. But we can't rely on them to be behind for much longer so look to see us miss out on the silver wear after the Super 14 gets up and running. yawn zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Gordon Tallis has announced his retirement at the end of this season. He injured his neck in a tackle in May and so is calling it a day. Fantastic player in his prime. Seems Brad Thorn will make a nice replacement when he heads back over to Queensland.

On the result front, North Queensland are into their first ever finals series after beating the Tigers easily (I bow down to the tipping maestro bennyasena), and the Sharks coach has threatened to punch anybody in the nose who tries to tell them the result from the Tigers v Knights game played earlier in the day. If the Tigers win then the Sharks are gone, but if they lose then the Sharks have a chance of qualifying by whipping the Cowboys up at Dairy Farmers Stadium.

The Knights are going to miss out on the playoffs for the first time in several years, and if Johns doesn't come flying back next year at full fitness then it's hard to see them qualifying then either.

Speaking of the playoofs theirs been calls to change the system. And here ye can read abooooot it.

And Frank Endacott reckons the Kangaroos will get the wooden spoon at the tri-nations later this year.

I guess that means they will win it by 20 points in the final then. Like Graham Lowe at times, Endacott can come from the Pele school of predictions. In other words put money on the other guy. A WHOLE LOTTA MONEY!

Little point in extending the tri-series anyway. None of our guys want to play in it anyway; the poor little darlings.
If the Super 12 gets 2 more weeks in it, then the tri-series gets 2 more weeks, then we will be looking at a seasopn running 4-5 weeks longer. And you can forget the NPC. It'll turn into the NZ second division.

I really don't get the wankers running the game. It's all money and fuck everything else. We could be the first ever country in the world in any sport to piss all over it's domestic comp and shit itself into mediocre oblivion.

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