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Friday, August 20, 2004

Puff, puff, and ... don't pass 

From our high crimes file, comes a ridiculous story out of Saskatchewan. Don't our societies have more to worry about than a consenting adult passing one joint to another consenting adult? Apparently not. This constitutes the terribly worrisome crime of "trafficking", for which one can be sentenced to 3 months in the slammer. At public expense.

Don't we have better things to spend tax dollars on than trying and imprisoning those who puff, puff, and pass? Honestly, I feel like withholding that proportion of my taxation that goes into enforcing the criminal status of cannabis.

Only complete morons like Tony Ryall and Peter Dunne support this kind of abuse of sovereign power. It's interesting that the Right is willing to slash spending on public health care and education to pay for its precious tax cuts, but is willing to spend a vast fortune to harass those adults who voluntarily engage in victimless 'crimes.' Dicks.


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