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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Olympic Sports 

Quickly before they finish!!!

What sports would you like to see in the olympics or at least think have as much right to be there as synchronised swimming, mountain biking and dressage???

I can think of a few...

Ten pin bowling, snooker, nine-ball, darts, skateboarding (half pipe, 'street skating' etc). Before you scream at seeing skateboarding cast your mind to the winter olympics where we now have the aerial snowboarding event and the halfpipe. Having people like Tony Hawk (probably past it now) busting moves at the Olympics would interest a huge number of young folk who probably don't really get into the archery, judo and clay bird shooting like some of us wankers do. The olympics should be for all generations as well. How about crayon drawing too?

I also reckon they should split the olympics completely into a team olympics (including sports such as rugby, rugby league, cricket, mens softball, etc) and the individual (or pair) olympics. One could follow the other by a year. Which would then be followed by the winter olympics. Having a big global sporting festival each year would help secure world peace as well and that's why I would like to be Miss Universe.

It seems a logical type arrangement as more and more sports want to get in and the IOC really can't keep some of them out as they have as much right or more right to be in there as many other sports.

Plus it would mean we could get back to a more traditional type olympics with all the individual events which was much how it was originally intended to be.

Any opinions?

Remember change is inevitable so it's a matter of bringing about the change you want, not waiting and letting other people f*ck it up!!! Which the IOC will anyway.

Right having just seen the baseball I am convinced it should be given the arse.

The standard is absolutely shit. Japan (one of the most baseball mad nations in the world) just lost to Australia 1-0 in the game I saw. The Aussies were comitting schoolboy errors in the field which luckily for them went unpunished.

If the sport is not being played at the highest level then it has no place at the olympics as far as I am concerned. The mlb is far far superior but no professional players seem to go to the olympics so what's the point?

This also means that soccer has to go. What's this under 23 bullshit? Either you field the best that each country has or you're out!

Notice how all the sports in the world with the most money involved are crap when at the olympics?

Ice Hockey, baseball, basketball, and soccer are all played to a worse standard than the American domestic leagues including the yank teams who wouldn't even make the playoffs back home if they were a franchise half the time.

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