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Thursday, July 01, 2004

We were joking about the soju 

I wonder if it was bluebeardnz's description of the after-affects of soju that angered the Koreans??:

"while the actual drinking of soju creates quite a bit of a glow and generates a convivial bonhomie amongst those partaking at the time (as long as you can get past the taste), the next morning feels like the local monsoons have taken residence in the lower regions of your stomach, and your head is about to spontaneously explode, or implode, or at the very least cease to remain a functioning whole, and the room has taken on a cubist quality, where you cannot quite identify where the ceiling stops and the walls start – and the heat, you cannot shake it off and you lie there, eagerly awaiting death, hoping that heaven has air conditioning, or at the very least a fan.”

It's quite a shame about the censorship though; perhaps our Korean correspondents could relive that old stunt of Rage Against The Machines and stand naked outside their local Government representative's office with tape over their mouths.

I've always liked the Koreans I've been fortunate enough to meet too, although my first question when they announce their nation of origin: "oh really, do you come from the North or the South?" always seems to rankle them for some reason unbeknown to me.

Or perhaps one of the head-honchos in Korea is a fan of New South Wales coach Phil Gould and can't tolerate our criticisms.

I was perplexed when I learned Newcastle Knights winger Timana Tahu had been dropped from the NSW side to play in the third State of Origin, I mean Christ he scored twice in Game 2 what more did he need to do?

Look out Cronulla this weekend in the NRL is all I can say, with Gidley and Tahu both having been dumped.

Then I read this on the Sydney Morning Herald:

"The normally measured Queensland coach, Michael Hagan, described NSW's sacking of his Newcastle three-quarters Matt Gidley and Timana Tahu as "appalling".

"I just think that the way they've been treated, based on how well they've been playing, has been appalling at best and they probably deserve a bit more than that at this stage. They're both Test players . . . we'll certainly take them back with open arms and I'm sure they'll play well for us [Newcastle] on Sunday."

Also for anyone looking for a punt on the league this weekend I suggest the Parramatta Eels $1.80 are good money to beat my beloved Warriors $1.95.

And an Origin-depleted Penrith are not too shabby at $2.60 to beat Melbourne Storm ($1.45) although Melbourne's night match/home record is something to factor into account. As mentioned Newcastle to beat the Sharks - Tahu to score - Raiders to beat the Tigers, Roosters over Cowboys, Bulldogs over Manly and lastly Broncos over Rabbitohs.

You know the odds, now beat them.


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