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Friday, July 02, 2004

The Warriors 

Still can't open the main page to actually view what I am writing but...

doesn't stop me from posting in the meantime. Hopefully the idiots who believe that the Korean public don't deserve a free internet where they can make their own choices about what they do and don't want to look at HURRY THE FUCK UP and unblock blogspot sites from viewing in Korea. Christ that was an ugly mouthful.

Anyhow I see that Steve Price looks like he is about to sign for the Warriors. That would be a huge buy in my opinion. If they also got Wiki and then Logan Swann came home (as is rumoured he might want to) and they picked up a couple of decent backs the Warriors could be on for a tilt at the title next season.

There's more I want to say but it'll have to wait until some plonkers sort their shit out.

Feel free to email them at and tell them what you think of blanket censorship which effects everybody because they are too lazy to simply target specifically what they don't want people to see.

They arrested something like ten Koreans early on in the piece for showing the v*deo, and why they had to block tens of thousands of basically foreign websites is beyond me. If people want to see it then they will eventually see it.

Logan Swann's been absolutely terrible for the Bradford Bulls this season (imho). There was a horrible rumour he was coming to Widnes (horrible, I would imagine, for both him and Vikings fans). Went down like a sack of shit with my other half who claimed she wouldn't go and watch them again unless he was injured.

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