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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Very Evil 

So the New Zealand Herald now has its own Jayson Blair: Renee Kiriona.

Kiriona apparently cut and pasted large sections of a Waikato Times journalist's story on league star and recent amputee Tawera Nikau and then filed it as her own. 

Whether or not Nikau directed her to a website where the story was run in full and unattributed it seems somewhat lazy to just cut and paste anything verbatim off the net doesn't it?

I can't find the apology on the herald's website nor the story in question,I think it was called "The Power of One".

Much was made of Blair being an ethnic minority when the story broke, I haven't met Kiriona but her name suggests she is Maori, I wonder if that's where the story will go?

But lets compare apples with apples this is,  as far as i know, a one-off whereas Blair had filed dozens of false reports.

The New York Times to its credit ran a 14,000 word story on how Blair had fooled them and how they would prevent from it occuring again, I wonder if the Herald will do similarly or if the plagiarism will remain a one-off, albeit pg3, apology.

Continuing on the NZ Herald I read these comments from Whangarei Distrcit Court Judge Thomas Everitt in the paper today:

"He was intending to contaminate his fellow employees with a very evil substance that makes people behave in a criminal way."  

A man had been pulled over by the police eating a cannabis cookie which he said was just to help him through the day, we can all appreciate that. A further search of the car revealed 17 tinnies - value $20 each - in addition to more cookies.

The man, a labourer, said he was going to sell the tinnies to his colleagues. The judge also remanded him in custody until August 11.

OK the guy had $340 worth of weed on him that he was intending to sell - but "contaminate his fellow employees with a very evil substance" - umm hello Judge it's Whangarei ain't it?....

"Very evil" huh? The only weed I've ever smoked has been more or less neutral in terms of spirituality or good and evil, although there was that one time: "Bennyasena come join the
darkside," it hissed as my bong bubbled.

"that makes people behave in a criminal way," by very definition of marijuana being illegal
people enjoying a toke are behaving in a criminal way but that ain't what the judge meant.

I enjoyed a smoke at a party last night and didn't feel any more or less criminally inclined than normal, come to think of it nor did any of the people I was smoking with appear to.

Then again I'm just a smartarse with a keyboard I'm sure the judge is much more learned than I.


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