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Wednesday, July 14, 2004


Mental note to self. Think of something cool and funny to blog about.

Still can't view the site from within Korea. Censorship gone completely crazy.

bluebeardnz is off galavanting around the world for several weeks.

dc_red has just completed an ardous moving experience from Canada to ............

I have just got my computer back working again after it decided to pass out for a few days.

sweatepz are yet to stride out to the wicket to take guard in their debut test.

bennyasena has just signed for the Bulldogs in a straight swap for Steve Price. I hope they realise he likes going on drunken orgies in the off-season. I'm sure they can accomodate him though.

The Bulldogs fans (thugs when they play Parramatta) are sad as hell that Steve's going. Who's going to babysit their team now?! A couple of them have been slagging the Warriors on the league message forums. Fortunately my skillful use of facts beats their arguments quite nicely.



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