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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Thanks to 

Well the site is sorted out again after some technical glitches at

And we should thank the friendly folk there who do a great job of improving the system and also reply to all my ruddy emails about how to do this or that, or what's going on ? blah blah blah.

Now I'm off to watch Barcelona play against a Korean team (Suwon). Well that is if we can get tickets. 28 bucks for the cheapest seats. Na-e-seu (that's 'nice' in Korean).

I also can't resist linking to this.....
Get ya motor running...head out in ya scooter!!!

My favorite line being:
"I'm not a boozer, I like my three gins and a beer and that's not drinking is it?" asks Mr Stewart.
If I'm eighty and can knock back three gins and a beer without considering it drinking then I'll be one hell of a happy eighty year old. A pretty drunk one as well.


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