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Saturday, July 31, 2004

The NRL run home to the playoffs… 

This is how they shape up as far as I am concerned. I’ll see how I go as things roll along and edit or re-post any necessary changes as my prediction fuck ups occur.

Roosters (32) v Storm (a) win, Sharks (h) win, Panthers (h) win, Raiders (a) win, Warriors (a) win, Eels (h) win
Predicted points and ranking: 44 points; FIRST

Bulldogs (34) v Cowboys (h) win, Broncos (a) loss, Storm (a) win, Knights (h) win, Warriors (a) win
42 points; SECOND

Broncos (32) v Warriors (a) loss (yeah I’m serious), Bulldogs (h) win, Tigers (h) win, Rabbitohs (a) win, Panthers (a) loss
38 points; THIRD

Panthers (26) v Sea Eagles (h) win, Roosters (a) loss, Cowboys (h) win, Eels (a) win, Broncos (h) win
34 points; FOURTH

Dragons (22) v Storm (h) win, Warriors (h) win, Knights (a) loss, Sea Eagles (a) win, bye
30 points; FIFTH

Storm (24) v Roosters (h) loss, Dragons (a) loss, Raiders (a) win, Bulldogs (h) loss, Sharks (a) win, Sea Eagles (a) win
30 points; SIXTH

Raiders (22) v Sea Eagles (a) win, Knights (a) loss, Storm (h) loss, Roosters (h) loss, bye, Rabbitohs (h) win
28 points; SEVENTH

Knights (18) v Rabbitohs (a) win, Raiders (h) win, Sea Eagles (a) win, Dragons (h) win, Bulldogs (a) loss, Tigers (h) win
28 points; EIGHTH

Cowboys (23) v Bulldogs (a) loss, Rabbitohs (h) win, Panthers (a) loss, Tigers (a) loss, Sharks (h) win
27 points; NINTH

Tigers (20) v Rabbitohs (h) win, bye, Broncos (a) loss, Cowboys (h) win, Knights (a) loss
24 points; TENTH

Sharks (20) v Roosters (a) loss, Eels (h) win, bye, Storm (h) loss, Cowboys (a) loss
24 points; ELEVENTH

Warriors (16) v bye, Broncos (h) win, Dragons (a) loss, Eels (a) win, Roosters (h) loss, Bulldogs (h) loss
20 points; TWELTH
If they can beat the Eels away from home in a few weeks they will avoid the wooden spoon and with one upset from the other games should finish in a slightly more respectable position on the ladder. However they have no easy games left and could quite easily lose the lot if they don’t give 100% from here on in.

Eels (16) v Tigers (h) loss, bye, Sharks (a) loss, Warriors (h) loss, Panthers (h) loss, Roosters (a) loss
18 points; THIRTEENTH

Rabbitohs (15) v Knights (h) loss, Tigers (a) loss, Cowboys (a) loss, Sea Eagles (h) win, Broncos (h) loss, Raiders (a) loss
17 points; FOURTEENTH

Sea Eagles (14) v Raiders (h) loss, Panthers (a) loss, Knights (h) loss, Rabbitohs (a) loss, Dragons (a) loss, Storm (h) loss
14 points; DEAD LAST


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