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Monday, July 26, 2004

Map This! 

The NYT has a great interactive map offering a state-by-state breakdown of voting patterns in advance of the Presidential election (you can also look at Senate, House, and Gubernatorial races if you're really keen).

It's worth registering (if you haven't already) just to have have a look at this map. At first, things look grim for John Kerry because of so many dark red (safe Republican, using the US back-to-front colour coding system) States, especially in the centre of the country. However, when you adjust the view (hit "View map according to Electoral Votes") the size of the states is adjusted to reflect the electoral college votes at stake, and things look a bit better (thanks New York and California).

It occurred to me that every poor share cropper, cotton picker, and retail clerk in Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and Tennessee etc. votes with their class interests, we'll still see the back of GW. Getting them out to vote might be something of a challenge, though. As was the case in the recent Canadian election, including in my own relatively impoverished riding, where the bastard Tory snuck back in.

C'mon blue! (ironic, I know, given the normal colour coding of politics). 

The last time a fair number of states voted for a Democrat was in 1964 for LBJ (e.g., Alaska, Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota)! Safe to say they're Republican strongholds. Of course there are no comparable list of Democratic strongholds, given Reagan's near-clean-sweep in 1984. The only comparable state is Minnesota, the one Mondale held in 1984 (by 0.18%!), and which last voted Republican in 1972 for Nixon. Fucker.

Interesting, Minnesota is now listed as a swing state which is a bit depressing, as are Washington and Oregan. Hell if they voted for Dukakis in 88 (as they all did) they can goddam vote for Kerry now.

I know I've bored my friends with this point a few times, but given the influence the U.S. President has over all our lives, I feel we should all have a vote!



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