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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Kentucky Fried Murderers 

I wonder if any of these workers have recently come back from Iraq?  I won't be going to KFC for a fair while I reckon.

Got mould growing everywhere in the apartment at the moment, so have to peel up the lino and turn the floor heating up to dry the floors out.   The servicemen reckon it's a combination of the boiler having problems, all the rain we have had (and hot temps causing 95% humidity) plus my apartment being a basement (dungeon) apartment.  Basically everything is wet from the air.  Blankets, paper, walls, water, me.  I can't remember what percent of humans is supposedly water but it's definately gone up in these here parts.

Also I'm going to start a band and call it Lucy the One-Armed Chimpanzee, except I'm too lazy to recruit members or write songs.  And I can't play an instrument nor read music or sing.  But I can play ping pong quite well.


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