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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Don't Smoke the Blue Dope!!! 

You have been warned!  Well kind of.  Now the cops are gonna go about looking for people coughing up blood.

In other non-related news it's 73 degrees celcius in Korea and at night no less.

And in further non-related news, the Democrats are having a wee convention in Bostin and with the election coming up had better not fuck it up! 

We are relying on you guys to shave Bush from the White House.

Although it may be a little hard judging by the coverage it's getting on the free to air networks.  Today on CNN World Wolf Blitzer was hosting a discussion group from inside the convention centre and the subject came up of how the mainstream networks are basically absent and only showing about one hour from the centre each day.

Seems a bit sad when the future of the World is at stake.  Maybe all the potential viewers are off at the cinema watching fictitious American Presidents saving the world from alien infested asteroids which are about to crash into the sea just off the coast from California.  Where the president has paddled his cayak and is now machine gunning down the dirty Arabs, whoops I mean aliens as he surfs a 400 foot wave.

Also during the day Micheal Moore was actually allowed inside it appeared and was being interviewed by what's his face from the Today Show.  How can I forget his name, he's so ruddy famous and I see him everyday when I get home from work?!  He's the one that annoys the crap out of me by 'interviewing' all the celebs (read sucking their $#$$%%^).

Anyhow Moore mentioned that he polls are very misleading as even though most Americans don't usually (EVER) vote that this time around things are far different than in the past due to Sept. 11 where something really bad happened I take it.  He thinks that everybody has been politicized and that since the polls are only recording likely voters rather than everybody that there may be a swing to the left if more people can be convinced TO DO THERE BLOODY DUTY.  Moore reckons he is on a mission in the lead up to the election to get as many people as possible to vote.

And on a thoroughly pleasant note, Stereogram have been nominated in four categories at the mtv awards.  All four are for the video titled Walkie Talkie Man which you can view if you follow that link.  It's a fantastic video and hopefully nabs them something.

and did I mention it's really hot in Korea?


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