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Thursday, July 01, 2004

Censoring it real 

Well, with 2 of our 4 regular contributors based in Korea, where access to the blogosphere is now severely restricted, it's fair to say that bloggingitreal might be a little quiet for a while. Perhaps we'll set up a parallel site on a different host that our South Korean contingent can read and access. We'll let you know.

In the mean time, those who followed my occasional reports on the Canadian federal election may be interested to know that I live in the most closely-contested riding in the country (not bad, considering there's 308 of them). The incumbent Tory is ahead by 45 votes based on the election night tally, so a recount is automatic. I can't say I'm especially optimistic that the result will be reversed, ridding New Westminster of a useless long-term bench warmer (Canada's answer to Clem Simich!), and giving the leftist NDP a richly deserved 20th seat.

Speaking of which, the NDP received about 15.5% of the vote, and so far has 19/308 ridings (or 6% of all representatives). Not too fair, is it? I wonder if the stalwart opponents of MMP in New Zealand really want to go back to those halcyon days when so many people's vote didn't count. Bastards.


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