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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Your Opinions Please 

I was just out for a bike ride and when I ran over a small child and knocked an elderly lady down a muddy bank a thought struck me.

Our site has had quite a lot of hits lately (something like 800 unique visitors in the last couple of weeks, which is quite a lot I reckon) and I was wondering whether I should split the blog into two.

Have one blog strictly for sport and the other blog would be the one you are reading now. It would stay exactly the same; sport, slagging off conservatives, film reviews, soju discussion groups and displays of complete comtempt for people and society in general. It would have everything, while the posts that are only or mainly dealing with sport would go in some kind of sister site.

Just hit the comment button at the bottom of this post if you have an opinion. I won't bother doing it though unless I get some feed back as to what people are coming here for.

On to the bike ride. Well I had to 'dust the dust' off the damn thing (in my defence dust collects in Korea in a matter of minutes) before I used it but I got away quick enough. I passed a whole lot of high school students just leaving school .......... at precisely 10pm. Yes ladies and gentlemen, this is the education system that many New Zealanders often suggest we should copy (without actually knowing ANYTHING about it). While later in the evening when coming home I passed a whole lot of students on their way home from private classes in small academies that are everywhere. The time was 11:45pm. These guys have class at 8am but will have a couple of hours homework before then.

So the bike ride itself was quite nice. They have just put a 6.5km cycle and walking/running lane along the local river. Shame it's only about three metres wide, as it's hard to weave your bike in and out of several hundred people in semi-darkness.

And the only other thing I have to say is ... may my arse stop hurting by morning and may Croatia beat England in the soccer. I don't mind the English team, it's just that I tend to support the Croatians. Must have something to do with all the Croats out in West Auckland.

Nah, keep them together. It's a good mix. Cheers.

Our traditional 9-to-3 school day is bloody inconvenient for the overwhelming majority of parents, who have to work something like 9-to-5 or 8-to-4, etc.

Extending the school day a bit so it more closely resembles a working day has a certain practical appeal.

I suspect that 9-to-3 was set up when 99% of mothers were waiting at home for little Johnny and Amanda to come home, with nice sandwiches on the table, and no one has bothered to update it to reflect contemporary socio-economic conditions.
Probably best just to keep it as is. Part of the appeal ,apart from the cutting wit,is that in the end it's a lucky dip. Am I going to get politics, sport, or a social commentary? It's always possible that whatever is there is just what I need. Unlike in the SST.-Lossy
Me, I prefer the sporty focus.
hmmmm... still mulling this over.

Just to be clear again. The site we have now would stay is as. Anything on sports would stay here as well.

It's just I would 'double post' the sports specific stuff into another sports site.

That might mean that it goes a week without getting anything in it but for those only interested in the sports stuff it would be a little handier to use and we could make it more sport oriented in terms of links, pictures etc.

still not sure though. It may go to a vote with my red comrades.
A good friend of mine, ahem, has one page with all posts, then has each post double posted into another specific page.
Total choice.

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