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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Weekend Cricket in Review 

Well well maybe Daniel Vettori is finally recapturing some form: he scored 104 runs and took 9 wickets for 152 in New Zealand's win over Leicestershire. Now it's up to him to repeat this form in the second test, and hopefully the Mullet and others will do their part by holding on to catches when they're offered.

Perhaps Vettori could take a leaf out of the book of Canadian captain (and former occasional Australian first-class player), John Davison. The right-arm off-spinner took 17 wickets for 132 against the United States on the weekend - the best first-class bowling figures in the world since 1956. And he chimed in with 87 runs off the bat, too.

Also, Matthew Sinclair (avg = 38.5) has been called into the NZ test team as cover for McMillan who - very sadly - has a broken finger and might not be able to injure the team's chances in the second test. A brief statistical profile of Sinclair, using the same methods discussed earlier:

Does his job (30+ runs) = 9/35 innings (25.7%)
Doesn't do his job (<30 runs) = 26/35 innings (74.3%)
Abject failures (<10 runs)= 12/36 innings (33.3%)

Arrgh, come back Craig, all is forgiven.


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