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Monday, June 14, 2004

Third test in the balance 

Woke up this morning, got myself a gun.

Well, not quite, but I did wake up to find that England was 80 runs from victory, and 5 wickets down. NZ had been dismissed for 218, leaving England with a paltry 284 to win. Hell, I was knocking those kind of scores up single-handed in frontyard as a kid.

Interestingly, with NZ's bowling attack a bit depleted, Fleming hasn't bowled either McMillan or Astle ... perhaps he's figured they've alreayd done enough damage to the team's chances.

Unfortunate that Cairns couldn't score any runs in his last test, but hell the guy's taken 9 wickets in the match so far, so I'm not complaining.

Anyway, with NZ's 6 innings in this miserable series complete, here are the batsmens' totals, courtesy of Cricinfo. Read 'em and weap. (England now require another 56 runs with 4 wickets remaining).


The good:

MH Richardson: 6 innings for 369 runs at 61.50
SP Fleming: 6 innings for 308 runs at 51.33

The (not so) bad:

BB McCullum: 6 innings for 200 runs at 33.33
JDP Oram: 6 innings for 160 runs at 32.00
SB Styris: 6 innings for 191 runs at 31.83

The ugly:

NJ Astle: 6 innings for 138 runs at 23.00
CD McMillan: 4 innings for 36 runs at 9.00

Bugger -

63.3 Cairns to Giles, FOUR, drives and its a catch to Cairns slower ball and he lets it go through, could this be the turning point?
66.6 Cairns to Giles, two runs, drives and its dropped at cover by Hamish Marshall the sub this afternoon.

England wins by 4 wickets with a day to spare - I give up.

Repeat after me: please let France beat England.
The Good
JEC Franklin 6 wickets at 27.16 (not originally wanted)
CL Cairns 12 at 31.58 (retired)

The Not so Bad
SB Styris 6 at 37.33 (supposedly about a 4th change bowler)

The Bad, the Injured and the Ugly
DL Vettori 4 at 51.25 (drop him he's worthless)
CS Martin 6 at 52.33 (crippled)
DR Tuffey 3 at 82.00 (crippled)
JDP Oram 2 at 106.00 (crippled)
MH Richardson 0 wickets for 4 runs (!)
CD McMillan 0 for 5 (crippled)
KD Mills 0 for 31 (crippled)

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