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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Bugger me sideways 

Well I nor any of the others based in Korea has been able to view our site for several days and after emailing 'blogspot' help line I was told...

That some countries block blogspot sites and so we have most likely been a victim of this. I'd like to say some really bad things about the whole thing but I'd better not on the off chance we get 'cleared'.

So we can not see what the hell we post from this day forth. Personally that takes half the satisfaction out of the whole thing for me so I really don't know what to do. Might have to either a) find somewhere else to host through, or b) chuck it all in.

mian hamnida

[as is usual when my fiance emailed my provider they said that they had not blocked our site, and blogspot say the problem is not at their end either. So now the ball has gone back into the Korean court by way of an email asking why ALL blogspot sites are blocked and not just ours?]

Find another host mate.
I can't believe it though.
Is this because of the Korean blocking of the beheading video?

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