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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Dentist Part IV 

Nearing the end of the tunnel now.

Todays damage came to $147 so the betting fund is now up to $1,249. I'm reckoning the three of us can split it three ways on the bet of our choice. Any winnings are divided up evenly for the following week. And if we each lose well then we will have to wait for my next and final bill which I am told will total between $415 and $555. It's the cost of getting a tooth capped in either a)metal with gold in it or b)porcelain with metal and gold underneath. Porcelain is the more aesthetic choice but there's something appealing about gold as well. Especially as I want to move into the pimping industry later this year.

I was thinking about the Zimbabwe v Australia fiasco in waiting today and I thought the solution for the ICC is going to be made simple.

Test status is granted on the basis that a country is able to compete competitively (strange wording) on the international stage. Or against other test playing nations to be more precise. Well quite obviously Zimbabwe can no longer do this so the ICC can revoke their test match status. Doing so would have no political links whatsoever.

Zimbabwe would probably be worse than countries like Scotland and Kenya and a few others right now so what's good for the goose is good for the gander.

I'm not sure what the Zimbabwe cricket board would do once that happened but I imagine they would have little choice but to sweet talk a few decent cricketers into rejoining the ranks.

I think wow gold and wow power leveling or wow gold

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